I love Surabaya: come and visit our beautiful cityTravel by air, road, rail or sea to the city of Surabaya and explore. Travel to Surabaya.

Visit Surabaya city

Visit Surabaya: Travel to the city of Surabaya by road, rail sea or air

Surabaya travel: An introduction to our great city

Surabaya enjoys a deserved reputation as a paradise for shoppers with over twenty modern air conditioned malls and plaza.

Traditional open markets also abound examples are - Jalan Surabaya Market for antiques, Pasar Seni Surabaya for art, Pasar Genteng for smoked milk fish, Pasar Ampel for Arab food and Jalan Walikota Mustajab for rujak cingur (Surabaya’s famous salad with local sauce and slices of meat made from the noses of cows).

The city is also a foodies delight with a vast array of restaurants.

Here you will find everything you need to discover about Surabaya travel to make the most of your stay in Surabaya.

Surabaya travel: We have information for the visitor and also for those living here

Our Surabaya Travel Guide has information for the casual visitor and also for those living here who want to find little known but exceptional places to visit for shopping, eating, drinking and entertainment.

Surabaya travel: Check out our accommodation choices: Hotels, guest houses and apartments to rent

For every budget , we will show you how to enjoy the city according to your means. As well as 4 and 5 star hotels there are also many guest houses and mid range hotels to suit everyone. Excellent value in quality and comfort is easy to find. . Check out our hotels, guesthouses and apartments to rent.

Some basic information about the city

Surabaya city is the 2rd largest city in Indonesia (after Jakarta) and is located in East Java province on the island of Java. It is the capital of East Java province with a population of more than three million and a further seven million in the surrounding rural area. The diverse population is principally Javanese and Madurese with significant minorities of Balinese, Sunda, Batak, Minangkabau, Banjar and Bugis peoples as well as many foreigners. The city is situated on the northern shore of eastern Java at the head of the River Mas and along the side of the Madura Strait. Relax in a romantic beach hut when you travel to our city

Development of the city started when it became a major trade center under the Dutch colonial government. Today it is one of the largest cities in the south east Asian region and is the
main commercial center and seaport in the eastern Indonesia region. As a tropical region, the city has a wet season from November through to May and a dry season for the rest of the year with temperatures ranging from 26°C to 31°C.

Most visitors travel to Surabaya for the boats to Bali or Sulawesi but there is more to see than just the docks, piers and harbor. There is the interesting old city, modern shopping to match any in south east Asia and the bustly characteristic of Asian megacities.

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